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Animal Cracker Circus Cookie Cutters

Animal Cracker Circus Cookie Cutters

Animal Cracker Circus Cookie Cutters

We all loved those delicious Animal Cracker cookies when we were kids. I think the elephant tasted the best, but you may disagree. Well, now you and your kids, or just you, can make your very own animal crackers at home with these cool new Animal Cracker Circus Cookie Cutters.

Each set comes with five spring-loaded cookie cutter stamps featuring a lion, tiger, giraffe, seal and elephant. Unfortunately, there is no monkey. After you roll out your cookie dough, press the cutter down into it and then push the spring-loaded stamp to release a perfectly shaped animal cracker cookie with embossed detail. Instead of toting your cookies around in a cardboard box circus wagon box, you can store them in the optional Circus Wagon Cookie Jar instead.

If they had only included the monkey cookie, this would be better than the real thing!

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  • Set of five: Tiger, lion, giraffe, seal and elephant shapes
  • Spring-loaded stamps release perfectly shaped cookies with embossed detail
  • Cutters are durably constructed of nylon and stainless steel

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