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Yin Yang Power Bomb Shot/Chaser Cups

Yin Yang Power Bomb Shot/Chaser Cups

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I always thought the Quaffer was the ultimate shot glass with a built-in chaser. The problem is that everyone I know has a wee bit of trouble balancing the liquids after downing a few. So for all you uncoordinated drinkers out there, you need to check out these cool new Yin Yang Power Bomb Shot/Chaser Cups. These unique shot glasses have two chambers designed in the shape of a Chinese yin yang symbol - a 1 oz. chamber for the liquor and a 3 oz. chamber for the chaser. These are perfect for bomb shots like Jaeger Bombs, Cherry Bombs (Vodka and Red Bull) and more.

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Yin Yang Power Bomb Shot/Chaser Cups
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Yin Yang Power Bomb Shot/Chaser Cups
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Yin Yang Power Bomb Shot/Chaser Cups
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Yin Yang Power Bomb Shot/Chaser Cups
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Yin Yang Power Bomb Shot/Chaser Cups
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Yin Yang Power Bomb Shot/Chaser Cups
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Yin Yang Power Bomb Shot/Chaser Cups
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Yin Yang Power Bomb Shot/Chaser Cups
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Yin Yang Power Bomb Shot/Chaser Cups
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