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SunRay SX2 - Solar Powered Golf Cart

SunRay SX2 - Solar Powered Golf Cart

SunRay SX2 - Solar Powered Golf Cart

The only parts of golf I actually enjoy are teeing off, putting and driving around in the golf cart. What can I say, it's an exhilarating sensation to be able to drive a modified go-kart across someone else's perfect manicured lawn. Well thanks to the power of the sun, I can now get 33% more range while wandering the golf course looking for a ball with the cool new and very eco-friendly SunRay SX2 - Solar Powered Golf Cart. This solar-powered golf cart has 72 photovoltaic cells built into the roof to collect solar energy and extend the life of the battery system by 60% more than other electric golf carts. It has an incredible 49 mile range, which is approximately 10 rounds of golf, can achieve maximum speeds up to 24 mph and handle inclines of 28°. It's pretty cool as far as golf carts go, but if you really want to be green in between greens, try walking.

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  • 72 photovoltaic cells built into the roof
  • 49 mile range (Approx. 10 rounds of golf)
  • 24 MPH max speed and powerful enough to climb a 28° incline
  • Rack and pinion steering, leaf springs and heavy shock suspension
  • Supports up to 755 lbs - 2 passengers and golf bags
  • Features: vinyl upholstery, 4 cup holders, 2 golf bag straps, headlights, turn indicators, brake lights and a horn

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