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Mattracks Powerboard - Gas-Powered Motorized Snowboard

Mattracks Powerboard - Gas-Powered Motorized Snowboard

Mattracks Powerboard - Gas-Powered Motorized Snowboard

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Leave your ancient snowmobile parked during the next snowstorm and shred the backyard slopes with the cool new Mattracks Powerboard. This amazing stand on, track propelled snowboard combines the thrill of snowmobiling with the freedom of snowboarding. You can surf and maneuver effortlessly over all types of snow-covered hills and terrain, from the deepest fresh powder to packed, granular snow, at maximum speeds up to 18 mph!

The Mattracks Powerboard is powered by a 6 1/2-hp four-cycle gasoline engine that lets you stay out in the action for up to two hours on only 3/4-gallons of gasoline. Simply hop on the two cleated, binding-free footpads, grab the adjustable height handlebar with built-in throttle control and go. It features a patented rubber track that uses 1 3/4" snow lugs and flexes as you lean in the direction you wish. The durable frame is made from rugged aluminum and the engine housing and decking are molded from high-density molded ABS plastic to safely accommodate riders up to 250 lbs. Thankfully, it also includes a tethered auto-off switch to prevent it from driving off into the winter sunset by itself after you wipe out... you will.

I still prefer a steep hill and a saucer sled as my form of snow travel, but this contraption does look like a blast to ride on.

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