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Rideable Star Wars Landspeeder

Rideable Star Wars Landspeeder

Rideable Star Wars Landspeeder

"Ever since the XP-38 came out, they just aren't in demand." - Luke Skywalker upon selling his X-34 Landspeeder

A long, long time ago back in my day, this cool new Rideable Star Wars X-34 Landspeeder by Radio Flyer would have been the greatest thing in the entire neighborhood... possibly the galaxy! All I had was a tree to sit in that I imagined was the Millennium Falcon. In my mind, it was. However, the lucky kids today get to fly / drive around a miniature motorized version of Luke Skywalker's famous x-34 Landspeeder. While it doesn't have a real repulsorlift engine to make it hover or working thrust turbines, it does have powerful rechargeable 12 volt power to drive two rider across the terrain, preferably desert, at 2-5 mph. It even features real engine sounds and dialogue from the movie as well the same "damage" to the body. Check out this VIDEO to see it in action. So jealous.

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  • Modeled after the sand-pocked and sun-faded X-34 craft from Star Wars: A New Hope
  • Seats for 2 riders
  • Interactive dashboard with lights and real movie sounds and dialogue
  • Gear shift switches between 2 miles per hour forward, 5 miles per hour forward, or 2 miles per hour reverse
  • 12 Volt rechargeable battery and charger included
  • For ages 4 and up
  • Maximum weight 130 pounds
  • Distance from back of seat to the steering wheel: 15.5"
  • Size: 22.75" x 62" x 40"

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