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Cat Bread Baking Mold

Cat Bread Baking Mold

Cat Bread Baking Mold

The old expression "Greatest thing since sliced bread" should be updated to "Greatest thing since cat bread" now that this cool new Cat Bread Baking Mold exists. This whimsical nonstick, carbon steel baking mold lets you bake up a loaf of homemade bread in the shape of a cat head with pointy ears. Once sliced, it makes adorable cat head shaped sandwiches, but if toasting a slice, the cat ears may stick up out of the toaster and not brown. Hmm, the new expression "Greatest thing since cat bread" should now be updated to "Greatest thing since sliced cat bread".

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  • Made from 1mm thick food-grade strong carbon steel
  • Microwave, oven, refrigerator and freezer safe
  • Super Smooth surface with non-stick coating provides easy removal
  • Size: 5.43" L x 5.43" W x 3.93" H

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