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The Equalizer - Multi-Blade Rocker Pizza Cutter

The Equalizer - Multi-Blade Rocker Pizza Cutter

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This cool new Equalizer from LloydPans is a precision multi-blade, rocker-style pizza cutter that quickly cuts a baked pizza into perfect equal slices with total ease. Just place the Equalizer directly over a pizza that is fresh out of the oven, press down firmly, and rock it around to instantly cut it into equal slices. It's constructed from professional 18 gauge stainless steel construction and available in multiple sizes and number of slice options. While it's mainly designed for commercial pizzerias and school lunch programs to deliver equal portions quickly, it should work just as well on your gourmet homemade or frozen pizzas as well. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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Green Frog Wood-Fired Pizza Oven
An outdoor wood-fired terracotta pizza oven shaped like a whimsical green frog. I don't know why a pizza oven needs to be shaped like a gigantic frog, but it's obviously way more interesting than a boring, non-frog version of course.
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Jigsaw Puzzle Soapstone Pizza Stone
An ingenious take-apart soapstone baking stone allowing big or small things to be baked and easier cleaning and storage when not in use.
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Breville Pizzaiolo Smart Pizza Oven - Reaches Up To 750 Degrees!
This smart pizza oven reaches temperatures up 750 degrees F, so you can bake an authentic wood-fired-style pizza in only 2 minutes... right on your countertop.
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This unique pizza stone lets you bake your own gourmet brick oven style pizzas and flatbreads all summer long right on the grill!
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The Equalizer - Multi-Blade Rocker Pizza Cutter
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The Equalizer - Multi-Blade Rocker Pizza Cutter
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The Equalizer - Multi-Blade Rocker Pizza Cutter
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The Equalizer - Multi-Blade Rocker Pizza Cutter
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The Equalizer - Multi-Blade Rocker Pizza Cutter
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The Equalizer - Multi-Blade Rocker Pizza Cutter
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The Equalizer - Multi-Blade Rocker Pizza Cutter
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The Equalizer - Multi-Blade Rocker Pizza Cutter
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