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Pizza Ice Cream

Pizza Ice Cream

Pizza Ice Cream

If you can put a scoop of ice cream on a slice of pie, then you can definitely put a scoop of ice cream on a slice of a pizza pie and that's sort of what you get with this cool new Van Leeuwen Pizza Ice Cream. This unusual limited edition ice cream flavor combines mozzarella and cream cheese flavored ice cream with a red swirl of tomato jam and bits of basil crust cookies. Feel free to add additional toppings to your pizza ice cream like red pepper flakes, hot sauce, or even chunks of pineapple! Pineapple should be on every pizza, fight me. Hmm, shouldn't this have been called "Frozen Pizza" flavor instead? Available for a limited time at Walmart.

If you want to really live on the edge, try pairing it with a scoop of the equally unusual Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Ice Cream. 😋

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