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Grogu / Baby Yoda 3D Coffee Mug

Grogu / Baby Yoda 3D Coffee Mug

Grogu / Baby Yoda 3D Coffee Mug

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No matter whether you want to enjoy a steaming hot cup of coffee here on Earth while watching Star Wars The Mandalorian or before you get choked out with the Force by Darth Vader in yet another exciting boardroom meeting on the Death Star (yep, the Galactic Empire had coffee a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away too), be sure to take your sips from this cool new Baby Yoda 3D Coffee Mug. This adorable three-dimensional ceramic coffee mug is shaped like the little noggin of the oldest 50 year old child in the universe, Baby Yoda or whatever his name may turn out to be one day... It's Grogu!... 🤷‍♂️ The head of the mug has a normal handle on back, but it can also be picked up by it's big green ears or even hands-free with the Force, if you feel like showing off.

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