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Insta-Luck - Authentic Four-Leaf Clover in a Bottle

Insta-Luck - Authentic Four-Leaf Clover in a Bottle

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You never know when you're going to have good luck, but you can keep some readily in reserve with this cool new Insta-Luck - Authentic Four-Leaf Clover in a Bottle. This 100% genuine four-leaf clover is hand-picked from true White Clovers (trifolium repens) grown in the USA, preserved through a proprietary 5-step method to prevent decay and maintain it's bright green color, and then placed in a tiny glass good luck jar for safekeeping. Since finding an authentic four-leaf clover is 1 in 10,000 and bad luck hovers around the 99% mark, this little investment in personal good fortune is sure to raise the odds in your favor.

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Insta-Luck - Authentic Four-Leaf Clover in a Bottle
These decorative floor rugs from a galaxy far, far away are made from the lightsabered hides of the vicious fictional snow monsters lurking in the caves of the frozen ice planet Hoth.
Insta-Luck - Authentic Four-Leaf Clover in a Bottle
This massive inflatable depiction of the Star Wars galaxy's most notoriously slimy, party loving gangster is perfect for watching over your Halloween bash or just put him in the front yard to intimidate the neighbors.
Insta-Luck - Authentic Four-Leaf Clover in a Bottle
Contains two vintage, wide-bottomed Champagne coupe glasses that are identical to the ones seen throughout the classic 1942 Humphrey Bogart flick, Casablanca.
Insta-Luck - Authentic Four-Leaf Clover in a Bottle
These cool new yet quite a long, long time ago-inspired magnets look just like the droid restraining bolts attached to C-3PO and R2-D2 by Jawas in Star Wars: A New Hope. They're the perfect fridge magnets to keep papers, photos, finger paintings, Death Star plans, and even adventure-seeking droids from wandering off.
Insta-Luck - Authentic Four-Leaf Clover in a Bottle
This is no animated beverage, this is a real drinkable premium lager brewed up in Germany, canned in iconic form and guaranteed to make you shout Woo-Hoo!
Insta-Luck - Authentic Four-Leaf Clover in a Bottle
Boldly sit in the ultimate seat in the galaxy!
Insta-Luck - Authentic Four-Leaf Clover in a Bottle
Just like the iconic bronze Shakespeare bust from the 1966 Batman TV show with the hidden switch that unlocked the entrance to the Bat Cave, this heavy duty vinyl replica features the same flip open head that reveals a dial that turns, a button, and now... a coin slot.
Insta-Luck - Authentic Four-Leaf Clover in a Bottle
A custom-designed desk set inspired by Darth Vader's Meditation Chamber / Life Support Pod aboard the Super Star Destroyer Executor in The Empire Strikes Back.
Insta-Luck - Authentic Four-Leaf Clover in a Bottle
If you're a wine lover that's just as excited about the new StarTrek: Picard show as I am, then your excitement is about to go to Maximum Warp with these cool new Star Trek Wines... a 2016 Chateau Picard Cru Bourgeois Bordeaux and a 2017 Special Reserve United Federation of Planets Old Vine Zinfandel).

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