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Wicked Witch Wine and Beer Bottle Stacker

Wicked Witch Wine and Beer Bottle Stacker

This cool new TIPSY Bottle Stacker by OTOTO is a wine and beer bottle fridge stacker in the shape of a certain wicked witch who most certainly prefers being flattened by a few bottles of vino over a giant farmhouse falling out of the sky. To use, just lay a few bottle down flat (or just one to keep it from rolling away), cram the silicone witch legs and witch hat tightly against them on each side, and continue stacking more bottles on top without fear, well unless her legs happen to shrivel up. As a bonus, endless squadrons of super tiny flying monkeys will appear to circle around and protect the booze from a huge Green Head! Hmm, maybe I just dreamt that last part up after hitting my head while fleeing from a huge twister...

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