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Eurocave Roll Out Bins Wine Rack

Eurocave Roll Out Bins Wine Rack

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Have a large collection of wine down in your rustic chateau's vast wine cellar that needs convenient yet stylish storage? Then check out these cool new Eurocave Roll Out Bins Wine Racks. These unique modular wine racks are designed to hold most standard wooden wine crates (not included, but you can snag them for free at Costco when you spot an empty one) and allows them to easily slide in and out on the rolling shelves. It's kind of like a decorative filing cabinet for your best vino. Each rack holds two wooden wine crates, but you can easily scale up and add more as needed. Hmm, now I wish I had a chateau instead of a Headquarters... 🍷

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Eurocave Roll Out Bins Wine Rack
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Eurocave Roll Out Bins Wine Rack
This climate-controlled walk-in cooler stores up to 30 cases of beer and 4 kegs and includes a built-in beer dispensing kegerator on the outside wall as well.
Eurocave Roll Out Bins Wine Rack
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Eurocave Roll Out Bins Wine Rack
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Eurocave Roll Out Bins Wine Rack
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Eurocave Roll Out Bins Wine Rack
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Eurocave Roll Out Bins Wine Rack
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Eurocave Roll Out Bins Wine Rack
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Eurocave Roll Out Bins Wine Rack
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