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Wine Fridge With Cigar Humidor

Wine Fridge With Cigar Humidor

Wine Fridge With Cigar Humidor

Love wine and cigars? Then store them at the perfect temperature and humidity levels with this cool new Aficionado's Cigar Humidor And Wine Refrigerator. This innovative mini fridge stores up to 45 bottles of wine on four rollout shelves and two stationary racks at constant temperatures between 40° F and 65° F, and has a built-in humidor drawer with adjustable dividers for up to 200 cigars. The drawer is hand-crafted by H. Gerstner & Sons from tongue and groove joined walnut and then lined with aromatic Spanish cedar. The fridge maintains 50% relative humidity for the wine bottles and 70% for the cigars, has a digital thermostat, and white interior incandescent lighting. Great storage solution.

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