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Bottle Stopper Hydroponic Garden Kit

Bottle Stopper Hydroponic Garden Kit

Bottle Stopper Hydroponic Garden Kit

Rather than recycle empty wine bottles, repurpose a few of them into decorative windowsill gardens that grow edible flowers or fresh herbs instead using this cool new Bottle Stopper Hydroponic Garden Kit from Urban Leaf. Just fill an empty wine bottle with water, insert of one of the hydroponic smart soil capsules down into the neck, drop in the included seeds, and place in a sunny spot. That's it. In no time, you'll have fresh sweet basil, dill, and parsley herbs or cosmos, marigold and zinnia edible flowers. Now just drink some more great wine and repeat.

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  • Fill empty wine bottle with water
  • Plug the neck with one of the three hydroponic "smart soil" capsules
  • Drop in some herb seeds and put it in a sunny spot
  • In somewhere between three days and two weeks, tiny seedlings will appear
  • Gradually, their roots will extend down the bottle, absorbing the dissolved nutrients from the capsule
  • Before you know it, full-sized leaves will appear
  • Within a few weeks, it's harvest time
  • Choose Cosmos, Marigold, and Zinnia or Sweet Basil, Dill, and Parsley
  • Includes:
  • - 3 seed varieties (Sweet Basil, Dill, and Lemon Basil or Cosmos, Marigold and Zinnia)
  • - 3 biodegradable corn-starch inserts, to suit most glass bottles
  • - 3 germination domes
  • - 3 sticker labels for bottles
  • Bottles not included
  • Made in New York, USA

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