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Boxxle - Sleek Stainless Steel Boxed Wine Dispenser

Boxxle - Sleek Stainless Steel Boxed Wine Dispenser

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Boxed wine may have a certain stigma attached to it, but the wine itself can be really great. Plus, the wine-filled bag inside the box keeps the wine fresher longer (up to 6 weeks after the first glass), it holds much more than a standard wine bottle, produces less than half the carbon footprint of glass bottles, and there's up to 85% less packaging waste. The only real downside is that the hideous-looking box is not the most elegant wine-serving solution, That's no longer an issue when you dispensed boxed wine in style with this cool new Boxxle - Premium Boxed Wine Dispenser and Preserver.

Just take the interior bag from your favorite 3 liter box of wine, place it upside down in the sleek stainless steel dispenser, and it automatically compresses it as you dispense from the spigot located above the wine glass - no tipping or bag squeezing required. It's perfect for holiday gatherings, backyard BBQS, fancy soirees, blowout parties, potlucks, picnics, poolside, weddings, funerals, on your desk in your work from home office, or anywhere else you can think of. Check out the video below to see it in action. 🍷πŸ₯³

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