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Rocket Ship Arcade Claw Machine Candy Grabber

Rocket Ship Arcade Claw Machine Candy Grabber

Rocket Ship Arcade Claw Machine Candy Grabber

Some snacks have convenient built-in ways to slow you down, like those pesky pistachio shells, but candy only has a simple wrapper to keep you from stuffing your face full of sweets. The solution is, obviously, this cool new Rocket Ship Arcade Claw Machine. This retro arcade-inspired claw machine is a miniature version shaped like a rocket ship, yet is still designed to be as frustrating and difficult as possible to grab the candy inside using the joystick-controlled claw. It features exciting LED lights, intense carnival music to make you extra nervous, a working claw, and includes 6 alien toys to toss in their with your favorite candy or anything else small that fits in there... like pistachios. Seriously, those things are beyond addictive.

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  • Rocket Claw Machine Arcade Game Candy Grabber & Prize Dispenser
  • Retro rocket-shaped candy grabber machine
  • LED Lights, intense carnival music, claw grabber, open hatch and prize collector tray
  • Re-live those halcyon (but frustrating) days down at the arcade
  • Lights up and plays music as you frantically snatch at the candy
  • Use it to ration out your rampant candy cravings!
  • Make snacking fun again
  • Includes 6x small alien toys

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