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Hario Filter-in-Bottle Cold-Brew Tea Maker

Hario Filter-in-Bottle Cold-Brew Tea Maker

Hario Filter-in-Bottle Cold-Brew Tea Maker

The cool new Hario Filter-in-Bottle Cold-Brew Tea Maker is a wine bottled-shaped decanter with a built-in filter that allows you make and serve cold-brewed iced tea, Sangrias, Mojitos, and more. To use, simply add loose leaf tea to the glass bottle, fill with cold water, chill in the fridge overnight (3-6 hours), and then pour out through the clog-free, filtered mesh silicone spout / stopper. Tea leaves can be swapped out for fruits, herbs, or whatever type of beverage fusion you can think up.

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  • Wine bottle like decanter great for brewing, storage and serving
  • Filter mesh fixed to the silicon spout
  • Glass bottle | Silicone spout / stopper
  • Great rich tasting cold brewed tea overnight
  • Tea brewed with cold water has a mild rich flavor and no bitterness
  • Serve cold brewed tea like wine with your meal
  • Let the tea brew in the refrigerator for 3~6 hours.
  • Tea leaves won't clog the spout.
  • Also great for filtering Sangria, Mojitos, and more
  • Capacity: 25oz

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