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Sugar-Coated Gumdrop LED Pathway Lights

Sugar-Coated Gumdrop LED Pathway Lights

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No matter whether you need to illuminate a path to your life-sized gingerbread house or just your non-edible, regular house this holiday season, do it in the most festive way possible with these cool new Sugar-Coated Gumdrop Pathway Lights from HoliScapes. These magical LED pathway lights look exactly like giant illuminated sugar-coated gumdrops and are perfect for lining your driveway, porch, walkway, or runway for incoming flying reindeer. They come in a multi-colored set of 10 (green, blue, yellow, red, and purple), can be used indoors or outdoors, sit flush on any surface, are 30 ft in overall length and 3 strands can be connected to extend them up to 90 ft, and include ground stakes to secure them down. Now as tasty as they may look, please don't try taking a bite. Check out the video below to see them in action.

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Sugar-Coated Gumdrop LED Pathway Lights
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Sugar-Coated Gumdrop LED Pathway Lights
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Sugar-Coated Gumdrop LED Pathway Lights
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Sugar-Coated Gumdrop LED Pathway Lights
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Sugar-Coated Gumdrop LED Pathway Lights
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Sugar-Coated Gumdrop LED Pathway Lights
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Sugar-Coated Gumdrop LED Pathway Lights
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Sugar-Coated Gumdrop LED Pathway Lights
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Sugar-Coated Gumdrop LED Pathway Lights
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