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Festive Illuminated Window Sheer Curtains

Festive Illuminated Window Sheer Curtains

You can never have too much home illumination when it comes to professional holiday decorating, so prepare your retinas for when all the windows in your home are lit up with cool new Holiday Illuminated Sheers. While they may look like traditional window sheers in the daylight, the entire surface of these brightly glow with festive cheer at night with 20 evenly spaced vertical rows of white LEDs across 10 columns. Basically they let in natural light during the daylight, illuminate the darkness at night, and provide a bit of privacy all the while. They feature seven fabric loops along the top for hanging on a drapery rod, fine-spun polyester fabric, and have a 10' cord to plug into a nearby outlet. A great way to brighten up the neighborhood all season, er, all year long.


  • Single illuminated window sheer with 200 LED lights that casts a festive glow indoors and out
  • Gauzy curtain is strung with 20 evenly spaced vertical rows of white LEDs across 10 columns
  • At night, the steadily glowing lights cover the entire surface of a window to enhance a holiday display while ensuring privacy
  • During the day, the fine-spun polyester fabric allows natural sunlight to enter the room even when the sheer remains drawn
  • Sheer is easily installed with seven fabric loops along its top
  • Plugs into AC with a convenient 10' cord
  • Size: 78.75" L x 47" W - 1.5 lbs

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