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3D Christmas Wreath Puzzle by Number - 500 Pieces

3D Christmas Wreath Puzzle by Number - 500 Pieces

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Looking for something to keep the kids (or you) busy during the holidays that also ends up doubling as festive wall art? Then check out this cool new Puzzle by Number Wreath from Plus-Plus. Unlike a traditional jigsaw puzzle with different shaped pieces, each colorful piece of this puzzle easily connects to the next as they're placed on the correct number on the pattern to make either a flat mosaic or a more intricate, custom 3D design. It contains 500 pieces, can be customized with candy canes, ornaments, and hearts, and can be hung up without falling apart when completed. Best of all, this artificial Christmas wreath is much easier to store in the off-season.

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3D Christmas Wreath Puzzle by Number  - 500 Pieces
I'm surprised noone thought of this before, but the Peace Sign, the universal symbol of hope, has finally been combined with the traditional decorative holiday wreath.
3D Christmas Wreath Puzzle by Number  - 500 Pieces
While it may look like a massive genetically modified carrot hanging from your door, it's actually handcrafted from dried wheat and phalaris grass.
3D Christmas Wreath Puzzle by Number  - 500 Pieces
Entwines twisty manzanita branches hand-harvested from central Oregon, green moss, and an airplant bow for a unique take on decorative door wreaths.
3D Christmas Wreath Puzzle by Number  - 500 Pieces
This holiday season, perhaps retire the traditional wreath and decorate your door with a bounty of winter greenery using this cool new hanging door basket.
3D Christmas Wreath Puzzle by Number  - 500 Pieces
An eerie wreath made of scrolled up, vintage-looking book pages all encircled around a grapevine base and topped with creepy black spiders and an ominous crow.
3D Christmas Wreath Puzzle by Number  - 500 Pieces
If you think one wreath on your door this holiday season just doesn't seem to be festive enough, then you're going to need this cool new Cordless Triple Wreath Door Hang.
3D Christmas Wreath Puzzle by Number  - 500 Pieces
This festive motion-activated animatronic reindeer head comes to life when someone walks by and begins to talk and sing a variety of Christmas songs.
3D Christmas Wreath Puzzle by Number  - 500 Pieces
This faux black cedar Wreath is created from detailed boughs molded from plastics that will last for years to come. It's one frightfully sophisticated design.
3D Christmas Wreath Puzzle by Number  - 500 Pieces
These creepy over-the-door wreath hangers have gruesome arms seemingly reaching down to hold a wreath in the hand of a witch, mummy, zombie, or skeleton, except there's a secure hook hidden behind it.

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