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Vintage C9 Christmas Bulbs Wreath

Vintage C9 Christmas Bulbs Wreath

Vintage C9 Christmas Bulbs Wreath

Unravel these. We need to check every bulb. [Pulls out a huge tangled ball] Oop. Little knot here... you work on that. [Hands it to Rusty] 

- Clark W. Griswold

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (1989)

Wish your holiday wreath was a bit more colorful than just evergreen? Then check out this cool new Vintage C9 Christmas Bulbs Wreath from Mr Christmas. This festive Christmas wreath is made entirely of nostalgic multi-colored C9 bulb shapes that are backlit by 50 warm white LEDs that can either be set to twinkle or stay steadily lit. This battery-operated pre-lit wreath features a 6 hour timer, is adorned with a red bow and hanging ribbon on top, and is perfect for displaying on a covered front porch door, in the window, above the mantel, or just strap it to the front grill of your car if you're that overly jolly person every holiday season. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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