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Gigantic 19 Ft Tall Inflatable Grinch

Gigantic 19 Ft Tall Inflatable Grinch

Gigantic 19 Ft Tall Inflatable Grinch

How much do you love the Grinch from the classic 1966 television holiday special Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas? If your answer is "A lot!", then I suggest dominating your entire front lawn and introducing an imposing grinchy presence over the entire neighborhood this holiday season with this cool new Gigantic Inflatable Grinch. This massive 19 foot tall inflatable Grinch statue is dressed up in a festive Santa suit and hat and has an internal projector that puts on a spectacular internal illuminated light show with a kaleidoscope of colors that will captivate all who happen to pass by. It features a powerful built-in 125 watt air blower for constant inflation, is constructed from durable, tear-resistant polyester fabric, and includes stakes and tethers to keep him grounded and not soaring up into Santa's flight pattern. It's also a great way to steal Christmas away from a neighbor who likes to go super big with their decor every single holiday... by just going way, way, way bigger.

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