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Truck Antlers

Truck Antlers

Turn your truck into a buck with the these awesome new Truck Antlers! These funny plastic deer antlers easily slide onto your windows, so you can decorate your truck or car for Halloween, Christmas, hunting season or just because. The next time you see a deer frozen in your headlights though, you had better slow down, because she's in love.

If you really want to be ballsy and take the next step at causing complete motorist confusion on the highways, be sure to hang a pair of Truck Nutz as well.

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  • Turns your truck into a buck
  • Weatherproof molded plastic antlers
  • Slide the antlers onto your windows and you are good to go
  • Includes everything you need for quick and easy installation without tools
  • Size: 13" H x 12" W x 1" D - (8 oz)

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