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App-Controlled Music And Light Show Christmas Tree

App-Controlled Music And Light Show Christmas Tree

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Remember when the Christmas tree basically just lit up, looked festive, and that was about it as far the excitement went? The cool new Music And Light Show Christmas Tree is not only pre-lit for your convenience, it can put on a full blown musical light show that is all synced and controlled by a free app for your iPhone or Android smartphone. In addition to the lush 2,806 injection-molded evergreen branch tips on the heavy gauge wire branches and 900 white and multi-colored LEDs, it has a built-in speaker that can play its own preloaded instrumental Christmas songs or your own music through your phone. Just connect the tree to your wi-fi, open the app, choose a song, and select from the 12 different light settings for a completely synchronized holiday extravaganza right in your very own living room. It's also perfect for scaring away obnoxious tree-loving cats.

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Cozy Hand Mugs
These festive ceramic mugs feature unique ergonomic handles with pockets for your hands to wrap around and keep warm from the hot beverage inside.
Christmas Drinking Gloves
These fingerless mittens will keep your hands toasty warm while downing those ice cold beers and are Santa recommended.
Fluffy Snowball Wreath
This unique wreath may look like a circle of fluffy snowballs hanging from your door, but these fluffy snowballs will never melt.
Shrunken Head Christmas Ornament
Do you think anyone will even notice it mixed in with the rest of the ornaments?
Mr. Christmas - Animated Christmas Tree Cable Cars
Place one cable car station on top of the tree and one at the base and watch with glee as the two realistic-looking little cable cars travel continuously up and down on cables between the two stations.
Merry Charger - Festive Christmas Lights iPhone Charging Cable
Combines colorful LED Christmas string lights with a USB iPhone charging cable.
Merry High Light - Miller High Life Christmas Tree Lamp
To celebrate the holidays and Miller High Life's 120th anniversary, they're selling this extremely limited edition glowing neon Christmas tree lamp.
Inflatable Car Buddy - Santa Claus
This festive, double-take-inducing holiday inflatable Santa Claus is designed to ride along with you in your vehicle in the passenger seat (or co-pilot on a plane) and attract way more attention than you probably wanted, but in a good way.
Desert Steel Evergreen Luminary
A festive, miniature steel Christmas tree that illuminates from within when a pillar candle is placed underneath. Can be used indoors or out.

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App-Controlled Music And Light Show Christmas Tree
The Glow Brick is a really unique nightlight. It is cordless glow-in-the-dark suspended light bulb filled with a phosphor luminescent powder that is encased in a solid acrylic brick. It glows by releasing energy it has absorbed from natural UV light and recharges simply by being exposed to daylight. Weird.
This Halloween or anytime you want to scare anyone passing by, simply hide these cool new Peep n' Peepers amongst the branches of your bushes or trees or behind your windows at night to simulate spooky illuminated eyes back peering out.
App-Controlled Music And Light Show Christmas Tree
Foam football with easy to catch holes on the sides and an ultra bright light stick that illuminates it from within so that it's visible for up to 100 yards.
App-Controlled Music And Light Show Christmas Tree
Transform the dark night into light with a little help from the Dark Knight when you fly in this cool new Batwing Desk Light.
App-Controlled Music And Light Show Christmas Tree
Smart LED string lights that can be controlled via an app to change colors (RGBIC), adjust the brightness, or set up cool effects like music syncing.
App-Controlled Music And Light Show Christmas Tree
Battery powered miniature LED table lamp, complete with fully working pull chain on/off switch.
App-Controlled Music And Light Show Christmas Tree
This rustic end table is handcrafted from reclaimed wood with lighting embedded inside that gives off a warm illuminated glow between the slats.
App-Controlled Music And Light Show Christmas Tree
Floor lamp shaped like a giant incandescent light bulb with shimmering filaments inside the glass to enhance the glow.
App-Controlled Music And Light Show Christmas Tree
This double-take inducing table lamp is constructed with the tail fins of an actual 100-lb bomb from the Korean War.

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