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Star Wars Lightsaber USB Glow Lamp

Star Wars Lightsaber USB Glow Lamp

The cool new and very intergalactic Star Wars Lightsaber USB Glow Lamp is not as clumsy or as random as a regular desktop lamp and is an elegant lighting solution for a more civilized age. If you ever wished you could wield a lightsaber like a Jedi Knight and needed a unique lamp for your workspace, this lamp doubles as a desk light and a glowing mini lightsaber!

If you don't have an R2 unit handy, simply plug the lamp's base into your computer's USB port and slide the lightsaber in upright to recharge it. While it charges you can use the bright blue adjustable glow from the lightsaber's energy blade as a lamp and if your boss or Sith Lord approaches, it can be removed to strike them down to replace peace and justice to the office.

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