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Reveal - Sunlight Through a Window Projection Light

Reveal - Sunlight Through a Window Projection Light

Reveal - Sunlight Through a Window Projection Light

This cool new Reveal Projection Light from designer Adam Frank makes it seem as if natural sunlight was streaming in through a window and onto a wall... but there is no window. This stunning light fixture projects ultra-white, color adjusted light through a stainless steel slide to create an illusion on the wall of a window's shadow with tree branches gently swaying in the breeze. The branches realistically move around too as air current flows through the projector. An optional version includes four different windows and four different tree slides that can be mixed and matched to make a variety of configurations. It's perfect for any room without a view, windowless offices, bedroom nightlights, city dwellers, or anyone suffering from the cold and dark winter blahs.

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  • Designer: Adam Frank
  • An innovative light fixture that creates the illusion of natural sunlight streaming in through a double window and onto your interior wall
  • As air currents pass through the projector, the branches of the projected tree appear to sway in a gentle, morning breeze
  • An ideal solution for small, urban spaces, and rooms that could use a "view"
  • REVEAL comes with one standard window and one tree slide
  • REVEAL (4 windows + 4 trees) - highly detailed, stainless steel slides that can be mixed and matched to create 25 different possible combinations
  • Includes: ultra-white, color adjusted 50 watt MR16 halogen bulb
  • This can be replaced with a standard 20, 50 or 65 watt halogen in order to customize brightness levels
  • Size: 8" W x 6" L x 8" H

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