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Mathmos Bump - Portable Color-Changing Lantern

Mathmos Bump - Portable Color-Changing Lantern

Mathmos Bump - Portable Color-Changing Lantern

Whether you need illumination indoors or out, reach for the cool new Mathmos Bump. This water-resistant handheld lantern has a unique bump switch mechanism that lets you easily choose between 4 light settings. Simply tap the top or bump the bottom on the ground to turn it on into full white mode, a second time to switch it to half white light, a third time to activate the fun color-changing mood light mode, and a fourth time to turn it off. In addition to its modern splash-proof design, it also features a sleek aluminum handle, high quality chip controlled LEDs, and rechargeable batteries that last 8-12 hours. Perfect for entertaining on summer evenings on the patio, bringing along on camping trips, or just lighting up a power outage indoors.

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  • Portable, handheld rechargeable LED lantern (power supply included)
  • Lamp is turned on and off by a quick tap on the top or bottom of the bump
  • Splash-proof and water resistant light effect is created by high quality chip controlled LEDs
  • Kid friendly and equally suited for indoor use
  • Sleek aluminum handle and unique design
  • 4 ambient light modes: Bright, Dim, Color Faze, and Off

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