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Wall-Hanging Pine Stem Christmas Tree

Wall-Hanging Pine Stem Christmas Tree

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Tired of chopping down a perfectly good pine tree just to prop it up in your living room for a little while until it makes a mess, dies, and then gets tossed into a landfill? Is that artificial Christmas tree a total pain to drag out of storage and re-fluff back into shape? Limited on space? Then check out this cool new Wall-Hanging Pine Stem Christmas Tree from Grandin Road. This festive, space-saving Christmas tree is completely flat, hangs on the wall out of the way, and is made up of lifelike faux pine tree stems and amber-colored ornaments that hang down from a wooden bar using transparent monofilament lines. To set it up, just hang it up, and that's it... you're done. It's even easier to take it down and store it afterwards too. It's perfect for tight spaces, entryways, guest bedrooms, your office, or any indoor wall you think needs a decorative Christmas tree. Best of all, there's still plenty of room underneath it for Santa to leave a lot of presents. 🎄🎅🏻

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Santa Beard Face Mask
Who says 2020 can't be just a little bit jolly here at the very end? Bring a smile or two under other people's masks this holiday season when you slip on this cool new Santa Beard Face Mask.
Cocoa Trimming Kit with Snowman Marshmallows
The kit includes five snowman-shaped marshmallows and five candy cane sticks to make your hot chocolate more fun and festive.
Cheerwine Holiday Punch
This super festive holiday punch soda combines the one-of-a-kind wild cherry flavor of Cheerwine, a Southern soft drink staple, with bright and spicy ginger ale, and tangy sweet pineapple juice.
Crunchy Snowball Stress Ball - Feels and Sounds Like Real Snow
While it's not as fun as packing a real snowball and launching it into someone's face, it does replicate that satisfying crunchy sound and feel of making one.
Cordless Twinkling Table Runner
This soft velvet table runner magically twinkles with tiny white dots generated by 130 fiber optic strands imbedded in the fabric that are all powered by 8 white LEDs along both edges.
Winter Forest Mason Jar Oil Candles
Clean-burning oil candles infused with decorative pinecones, pine needles and holly berries all sealed up inside mason jars.
Sugar Bowl Snow Globe
This whimsical little sugar bowl is disguised as a festive, decorative snow globe for your countertop.
Large Illuminated Outdoor Blow Mold Christmas Tree
Take a step back to yesteryear when blow mold Christmas decorations were all the rage and enjoy their nostalgic comeback with this large 24 inch Christmas tree.
Motion-Activated Gift Alarm - Catches Snoopers in the Act
A fun motion-activated alarm that blasts a loud siren and flashes a bright red light when it detects kids snooping around their presents under the tree or the hidden gifts still waiting to be wrapped. Can also be used for protecting more than just gifts.

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Wall-Hanging Pine Stem Christmas Tree
Preserve a hand-written recipe of a favorite signature dish by laser-engraving it onto a cutting board that can be hung or displayed in the kitchen.
Wall-Hanging Pine Stem Christmas Tree
Handcrafted from 60-120 year old retired Napa Valley grapevines that not only may have once helped create the wines you love to drink, but can now continue on and give your home a splash of unique rustic decor all the while helping you keep your balance on the stairs.
Wall-Hanging Pine Stem Christmas Tree
An eerily unique three-dimensional human face split into 87 thin, topographical segments laser-cut from non-toxic, environmentally friendly cardboard!
Wall-Hanging Pine Stem Christmas Tree
This vertical wall-mounted game combines the classic 4-in-a-row board game with decorative dot wall art that's perfect for the home, office, pub, or classroom.
Wall-Hanging Pine Stem Christmas Tree
This minimalist, space-saving Christmas tree is made up of faux olive leaves, hangs on the wall, and is pre-lit with 100 warm white LEDs and a lighted star.
Wall-Hanging Pine Stem Christmas Tree
Although it looks like you have Han Solo's actual frozen body, it's just a highly detailed 2D vinyl decal that can be hung on the wall or even a door.
Wall-Hanging Pine Stem Christmas Tree
Simply stick these drops on a window or mirror to create a watery optical illusion! Each set contains 8 drops in various sizes.
Wall-Hanging Pine Stem Christmas Tree
This space-saving turntable spins your favorite records, if you have any left, vertically on the wall!
Wall-Hanging Pine Stem Christmas Tree
Sure you can hang up pictures of family and friends or great works of art on your wall, but these cool new Giant Bacon Strips will be all anyone ever notices.

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