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Wall-Hanging Pine Stem Christmas Tree

Wall-Hanging Pine Stem Christmas Tree

Wall-Hanging Pine Stem Christmas Tree

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Tired of chopping down a perfectly good pine tree just to prop it up in your living room for a little while until it makes a mess, dies, and then gets tossed into a landfill? Is that artificial Christmas tree a total pain to drag out of storage and re-fluff back into shape? Limited on space? Then check out this cool new Wall-Hanging Pine Stem Christmas Tree from Grandin Road. This festive, space-saving Christmas tree is completely flat, hangs on the wall out of the way, and is made up of lifelike faux pine tree stems and amber-colored ornaments that hang down from a wooden bar using transparent monofilament lines. To set it up, just hang it up, and that's it... you're done. It's even easier to take it down and store it afterwards too. It's perfect for tight spaces, entryways, guest bedrooms, your office, or any indoor wall you think needs a decorative Christmas tree. Best of all, there's still plenty of room underneath it for Santa to leave a lot of presents. 🎄🎅🏻

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