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Witch House Cat Scratcher

Witch House Cat Scratcher

Witch House Cat Scratcher

This cool new Witch House Cat Scratcher is the perfect spooky Halloween hideaway for your favorite frightful black cat... or even a calico. Constructed entirely from corrugated cardboard, this miniature wicked witch's den for furry felines features two wide-open entrances, a furniture-saving corrugated scratch pad floor for sharpening their claws, and a giant witch hat roof. Hopefully, your cat just naps, plays, and plans playful pounce attacks on you in there and doesn't get inspired to learn how to conjure up spells, brew powerful potions, and unleash sinister witchcraft, because that could be a problem for the family dog. This also makes a great gift for actual witches with loyal cat companions.

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  • A delightful witches cove fit for your favorite black cat
  • A roomy retreat for your furry companion inside
  • Wide-open entrances for a cat to dart in or out as they pleases
  • Corrugated scratch pad inside - a tempting target for claws
  • Cardboard construction is lightweight yet durable
  • Assembles easily in just a few minutes
  • Size: 20.1" L x 26.1" H x 20.1" W

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