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Bony Tony - Animatronic Talking Skeleton With Microphone

Bony Tony - Animatronic Talking Skeleton With Microphone

Bony Tony - Animatronic Talking Skeleton With Microphone

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Forget putting out that boring old plastic skeleton this Halloween, because the cool new Bony Tony is a lifesize animatronic skeleton that can either detect motion and speak some pre-recorded sayings or speak anything you say through an included microphone. As he speaks, his jaw moves in sync with the words and his eyes creepily illuminate, just like real skeletons do if you could get them to talk. It even includes an iron stand to keep him standing upright to greet the trick-or-treaters. Check out the video below to see this chatty skeleton in action. Cool huh?

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  • Animatronic skeleton with microphone
  • Have this spooky skeleton say whatever you want it to when anyone walks by
  • Detects motion and speaks or allows you to interact with trick-or-treaters using an included microphone
  • Animated jaw moves in synchronization with your spoken words or pre-programmed audio
  • Sound emits from an integrated speaker implanted in his cranial cavity
  • Simply speak into the included microphone to give the skeleton personalized sayings
  • Pre-loaded sayings include "How's about some candy?", "More, please!", and "Where’s my mummy?" followed by maniacal laughter
  • Microphone plugs into the skeleton’s torso with an 8 3/4'-long cord
  • A pair of LEDs illuminate his eyes when he speaks
  • Body is made with durable ABS and supported by an iron stand that keeps the decoration secure
  • Indoor / outdoor use - Recommended for use in covered areas
  • Size: 60" H x 16" L x 17.7" W - 8 lbs

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