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Silicone Baking Ribbon - Bake Any Shape

Silicone Baking Ribbon - Bake Any Shape

Silicone Baking Ribbon - Bake Any Shape

Here's a unique idea. The cool new Quirky Ribbon is a flexible silicone ribbon that controls the shape and size of your baking area. Instead of storing a bunch of different sized baking pans, just use the including steel baking sheet, shape the ribbon to whatever size your recipe calls for, in any shape you desire, and pour in your cake, brownie, pancake batter and more. The silicone ribbon is nonstick, oven safe and contains internal magnets that secure it to the baking sheet. Unfortunately, it's still in the design phase over at, but I hope it becomes a real product soon.

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  • Control the shape and the size of the baking area
  • Silicone band attaches to the steel baking sheet with magnets
  • Shape the baking area to fit the needs of your recipe
  • Create different shaped molds for your cakes, brownies, and your most decadent desires
  • Relief slits on silicone band allowing easy manipulation
  • Band peels away to easily remove baked goods
  • Max volume comparable to 9in x 9in baking pan
  • Durable steel baking sheet with Teflon coating

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