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Silicone Baking Ribbon - Bake Any Shape

Silicone Baking Ribbon - Bake Any Shape

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Here's a unique idea. The cool new Quirky Ribbon is a flexible silicone ribbon that controls the shape and size of your baking area. Instead of storing a bunch of different sized baking pans, just use the including steel baking sheet, shape the ribbon to whatever size your recipe calls for, in any shape you desire, and pour in your cake, brownie, pancake batter and more. The silicone ribbon is nonstick, oven safe and contains internal magnets that secure it to the baking sheet. Unfortunately, it's still in the design phase over at, but I hope it becomes a real product soon.

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Fourneau Bread Oven
A pre-seasoned cast iron baking oven that easily slides into your stand oven, allowing you to bake up gourmet artisan breads, pizzas, rolls, and more right in your own kitchen.
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This unbreakable steel baking stone has 20X the heat conductivity and 2X the heat capacity of a typical ceramic baking stone. It's not only able to deliver the high-performance of a 1000 degrees F oven in a home oven at only 450 degrees F, it's also virtually indestructible.
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Silicone Baking Ribbon - Bake Any Shape
Make, shake, serve, and store your own healthier homemade salad dressings all in the same vessel. It even includes a built-in removable citrus reamer.
Silicone Baking Ribbon - Bake Any Shape
Whatever you do, don't wear this cool new Cookie Monster Apron while baking cookies, but anything else should be somewhat safe. Me want cookie! Om Nom Nom.
Silicone Baking Ribbon - Bake Any Shape
This fun wooden knife block in the shape of a Spartan soldier under attack is handcrafted in the USA by Missing Digit Woodshop from the finest American Maple and Black Walnut wood and includes a seven piece set of matching high-quality stainless steel, triple-riveted knives.
Silicone Baking Ribbon - Bake Any Shape
A collection of rare bee honey in hand-corked glass jars bottled from hives from the four corners of the earth - forest, mountain, tropics and desert.
Silicone Baking Ribbon - Bake Any Shape
Make mashed potatoes that are out of this world!
Silicone Baking Ribbon - Bake Any Shape
The sleek stainless steel blade quickly twists down through the apple and around the core in one smooth fluid motion, leaving a fun spiral shape.
Silicone Baking Ribbon - Bake Any Shape
Just give the bottle a squeeze and the heads spew and spray projectile condiments out through their mouth or nostrils.
Silicone Baking Ribbon - Bake Any Shape
Simply grab a yellow mustard bottle, unscrew the cap, screw on the Mustard Marvin bottle topper head in its place and squeeze away. Poor Marvin then appears to puke up yellow mustard from his mouth all over your hot dog or hamburger!
Silicone Baking Ribbon - Bake Any Shape
Eco-friendly alternatives to plastic wrap, zip-top plastic bags, aluminum foil, and waxed paper that all end up in a landfill.

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