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Crispy Corners Brownie Pan

Crispy Corners Brownie Pan

Crispy Corners Brownie Pan

If you love brownies from around the sides of the baking pan with all the crispy edges, then prepare yourself for this cool new Crispy Corners Brownie Pan from Bakelicious. This innovative nonstick brownie pan ensures that every single brownie has four crispy edged sides. Amazing right? I told you to prepare yourself! This unique carbon steel baking pan is coated with a nonstick coating ands has six posts in the center that not only help shape the brownies, but also help to evenly distribute the heat. After the brownies have baked and cooled, just flip the pan, give it a tap to release, and then simply pull them apart into 12 perfectly crispy edged decadent confections.

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  • Do you ever wish your brownies had more crispy edges?
  • Pan ensures that each brownie you bake has four crispy sides
  • After baking and cooling, simply flip the pan and gently tap to release the brownies
  • Pull apart for twelve deliciously crispy confections
  • Made of durable carbon steel
  • Convenient non-stick coating to help with removal and cleaning
  • Hand washing recommended to keep your pan looking and functioning like new
  • Makes 12 brownies, each will come out with crispy edges
  • Size: 13.75" x 10.5" x 1.5"

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