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Massive Animatronic Krampus Statue for Halloween / Christmas

Massive Animatronic Krampus Statue for Halloween / Christmas

Wish your terrifying Halloween decorations could be left up through Christmas just like your Christmas lights outside that are left up through Spring... or forever? Well, now you can be extra festive with your decor throughout Halloween and Christmas by displaying this massive, animatronic statue of the half-goat, half-demon, and quite infamous ancient holiday legend Gruss Vom Krampus.

This cool new Animatronic Krampus Statue is inspired by the version depicted in the classic holiday flick, Krampus, stands an imposing 7.5 feet tall, and features glowing light-up eyes, terrifying howling sounds, and moves back and forth to scare anyone who has misbehaved. Pairs nicely with his lethal yet tasty minions, the Killer Gingerbread Men. Just don't be naughty or lose your Christmas spirit in between the holidays or you just might get bagged and dragged to Hell as punishment. Happy Holidays! 🎃🎄

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