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Zombie Back Scratcher

Zombie Back Scratcher

Zombie Back Scratcher

Unlike a real undead limb torn from a wandering zombie, this cool new Zombie Back Scratcher won't attempt to tear you apart when using it to reach an irritating itch you can't scratch. This sinister back scratcher is realistically handcrafted and painted to look like a gory decaying zombie arm and hand. Just hold it by the extruding bone and let it's unnerving cold fingertips soothe and scratch away your itchiness. It can also be used by itchy zombies as well.

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  • Artist: Mike Rotella
  • Production: Odd Art Fabrications
  • Back scratcher shaped like the undead Zombie hand
  • Exquisite level of gory details
  • Material: tough urethane resin
  • Unique: no two are exactly alike - paint details may vary as these are hand painted
  • Made in USA - Handcrafted by local artisans
  • Size: 3" W x 15" L x 2" D

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