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LUMOback - Smart Posture Trainer and Activity Sensor

LUMOback - Smart Posture Trainer and Activity Sensor

LUMOback - Smart Posture Trainer and Activity Sensor

Whether you sit at a desk all day, endlessly stand around messing with smartphones and tablets, or are just a total slouch in general, then your posture is probably in bad shape. The cool new LUMOback teaches you to stand tall, sit up straight, and even encourages you to get up and move.Just strap on the lightweight wearable sensor (above or below clothing), download the free app, and do what you normally do. When it detects slouching and incorrect posture with your lower back from leaning forward, leaning backwards, or shifting your weight to one side, it gives a gentle vibration to alert you to correct it. The free app not only tracks your daily metrics and gives you realtime posture feedback through a little avatar, it also gives you an encouraging posture score, keeps track of how long you sit, how many times you stand up, a total step count, and even how long you sleep. Over time and plenty of annoying vibrating alerts you'll soon find yourself standing, sitting, and moving like a proper human once again. Very cool solution.

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  • Wearable sensor and smartphone app that provides feedback on posture and movement
  • Enables you to make changes in your behavior that can have a significant impact on your posture and health
  • Undetectable lightweight sensor provides a gentle vibration during slouching - Above or under clothing
  • Detects if you slouch with your lower back, lean forward, lean backwards, or shift your weight to one side
  • App tracks your daily metrics and lets you view your Posture Score, Sit Time, Stand Ups, Total Steps, and Sleep Time
  • App avatar lets you see real-time corrections to perfect your posture.
  • App: iPhone 4s and 5, iPad 3 and 4, iPad Mini, and iPod Touch (5th Generation).

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