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Stamina X Water Rower - Compact Rowing Machine

Stamina X Water Rower - Compact Rowing Machine

Stamina X Water Rower - Compact Rowing Machine

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Rowing is a great low impact, total body workout that builds strength and endurance, burns calories fast, provides effective cardiovascular exercise, helps reduce stress, and is, best of all, quite easy to do. Now if you don't happen to have a rowboat and a lake to row on or you have very limited space to devote to a traditional long rowing machine, then check out this cool new Stamina X Water Rower.

This innovative, compact rowing machine uses water resistance to simulate the feel of real rowing and unlike other full-sized water rowers, places the water wheel below the rower instead of on the end to save space. It features a multi-function LCD monitor that displays calories, time, stroke count, and distance, a wireless heart rate transmitter, and a foldable frame and built-in wheels for storage. To increase or decrease resistance, just add or remove water from the reservoir.


  • Water resistance simulates the feeling of real-world rowing
  • Smooth motion of this type of resistance provides a great full-body workout
  • Build endurance and full-body strength
  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Add more water to increase resistance - remove water for less
  • Molded seat to promote proper rowing form
  • Multi-function monitor displays calories, time, stroke count and distance
  • Wireless heart rate transmitter
  • Padded rowing handle
  • Nylon rowing strap
  • Textured footplates
  • Adjustable foot straps
  • Foldable frame and built-in wheels for easy storage
  • Device holder
  • Weight Limit: 300 lbs
  • Size: 63" x 20" x 37.5" - 74 lbs

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