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Ciclotte - Luxury Exercise Bike

Ciclotte - Luxury Exercise Bike

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What Lamborghini is to automobiles, the cool new Ciclotte is to exercise bikes. Sure you could buy a hardcore, commercial quality stationary bike, but you'll never want to put it on display with the rest of your home's decor like you would with this luxuriously crafted, 19th century monowheel inspired exercise bike / work of art.

Once you get past the stunning design of this $12,000 stationary bike, you'll realize it's more than just form over function. The Ciclotte uses an innovative dual satellite epicycloid transmission and magnetic resistance to transform a single pedal revolution into four flywheel rotations, which closely replicates the effort of pushing on pedals when riding on the road. Six magnets installed around the ring's enclosure work to generate a magnetic field providing 12 levels of resistance controlled by a touchscreen display on the side of the ring. It features uniquely ergonomic and adjustable carbon fiber handlebars, an adjustable padded Alacantra saddle and large, sturdy support arms to provide optimal stability.

To sum it up, you're going to get an intense workout and look good doing it.

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Ciclotte - Luxury Exercise Bike
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Ciclotte - Luxury Exercise Bike
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