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Heavy* Mug - Weighs 22 Pounds!

Heavy* Mug - Weighs 22 Pounds!

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Want to workout, build up your biceps, and stay hydrated or caffeinated at the same time? Then try lifting up and sipping from this cool new The World's Heaviest Shot Glass. This hardcore drinking vessel is made in the USA from 100% stainless steel, weighs a whopping 22 pounds, holds 13.5 oz of your favorite hot or cold beverage, and is probably not safe to set down anywhere near a glass table. It features a knurled handle like a barbell for a superior grip, is forged from 304 stainless steel, and is not dishwasher safe... it can handle it, but probably not the dishwasher. Best of all, every sip you manage to take will get easier and easier until one arm is completely ripped, so you might want to switch it up to look balanced with you satisfy a mighty thirst.

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Self-Chilling Stainless Steel Martini Glass
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Heavy* Mug - Weighs 22 Pounds!
Place this innovative dome-shaped monitor in front of your treadmill and enjoy running through some of the world's most exotic locales.
Heavy* Mug - Weighs 22 Pounds!
This innovative, compact rowing machine uses water resistance to simulate the feel of real rowing and unlike other full-sized water rowers, places the water wheel below the rower instead of on the end to save space.
Heavy* Mug - Weighs 22 Pounds!
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Heavy* Mug - Weighs 22 Pounds!
Not only will you be the center of attention while exercising your face with this cool new Facial Muscle Toner, you'll also be smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles and helping to strengthen facial muscles around the mouth as well.
Heavy* Mug - Weighs 22 Pounds!
A lightweight and portable hands-free exercise bike designed to work the core muscles and provide a cardiovascular workout while you leisurely sit at a desk, watch tv, read a book, stare at your smartphone, or perform other seated activities.
Heavy* Mug - Weighs 22 Pounds!
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Heavy* Mug - Weighs 22 Pounds!
An on-collar activity monitor for dogs that tracks their daily activities including walks, play, and rest and sends the data to a free app for your smartphone or tablet to analyze the visual summary.
Heavy* Mug - Weighs 22 Pounds!
Practice your forehand, backhand, dinks, and touch shots as it automatically tosses up to 15 pickleballs at you, 1 every 8 seconds, before needing to reload.
Heavy* Mug - Weighs 22 Pounds!
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