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AquaBLAST - Underwater Punching Bag for the Pool

AquaBLAST - Underwater Punching Bag for the Pool

AquaBLAST - Underwater Punching Bag for the Pool

Wouldn't you rather workout on a heavy bag in a comfortable swimming pool instead of the gym? This cool new AquaBLAST is a portable underwater fitness bag for the swimming pool that floats just below the surface of the water for punching, kicking, lifting, and throwing or push it down and use it for step up and balance exercises. Just imagine the extra cardio and strength workout you'll get with the water acting as additional resistance and you don't even need to wear gloves. To use, just fill it up with water from the pool, add some air to keep it buoyant, and start punching. It also includes a wearable harness and tether to keep it within range if needed. When finished, just empty and store it in the included carry bag. Best of all, now you can practice doing epic flying kicks with ease.

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  • Transform any Pool into an Aquatic Fitness Gym
  • Water-filled fitness and total body workout bag for swimming pools and swim spas
  • Bag floats just below the water surface, placing it in the perfect position for punching, kicking, lifting, and throwing
  • You can even stand on the bag for step-up and balance drills
  • Feels like a boxing heavy bag, but the outer walls are soft and flexible for low-impact workouts.
  • Sets up in 60 seconds using pool water and a little air to keep it floating
  • Portable -take it anywhere there is a pool
  • Stores quickly in convenient carry bag

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