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Escape the gym and enjoy the outdoors when you workout on the go with the cool new Rowbike. This hybrid fitness and transportation device combines a rowing machine with a recumbent bicycle for twice the workout in only half the time. Just sit on the gliding seat and propel yourself forward by rowing with the handlebar. A clever way to exercise all the major muscle groups, engage in cardio conditioning and get some fresh air - all at the same time.

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  • Exercise apparatus that combines the full-body workout of rowing with the exhilarating ride of a recumbent bicycle
  • Propelled by rowing with its handlebar, which transmits power to a chain-driven rear wheel
  • Engages all the major muscle groups along with cardio conditioning
  • Provides twice the workout in half the time
  • Exercise amidst ever-changing scenery and terrain outdoors to keep workouts challenging and fresh
  • Thumb-operated gearshift mounted to the handlebar controls the seven-speed derailer
  • Front and rear caliper hand brake
  • Lightweight 7,000 series aluminum frame rests on 20" alloy wheels
  • Stationary footrests provide leverage for rowing while the padded seat glides smoothly along the frame as you ride
  • Size: 68" L x 24" W x 37.5" H - 45 lbs

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