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ZicTech Z - Space-Saving Upright Bike Stand

ZicTech Z - Space-Saving Upright Bike Stand

ZicTech Z - Space-Saving Upright Bike Stand

When space is at a premium and you have a bike to store in your garage, home, apartment, or office, then check out this cool new ZicTech Z. This innovative space-saving bike stand easily stores a bicycle vertically - no need to lift up its whole weight. To store upright, just guide the rear wheel into the stand, tilt it backwards, and secure it with the strap. Not only does it store it upright, it can also do it horizontally as well when you roll in the front wheel and it can even be used as a trainer raiser block to keep the wheel in place while stabilizing the bike. It even includes built-in storage for spare tubes, tools, and more. Check out the video below to see a quick demo.

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  • Easily store your bike vertically - without lifting your whole bike’s weight
  • Bike stand is a perfect space-saving solution for your garage, home, apartment, and more
  • Stand can also hold a bike horizontally or be used as a trainer raiser block
  • Gentler on wheels and gears because it doesn’t put pressure on spokes or touch the derailer
  • Built-in storage for spare tubes, lights, tools, oil and more
  • Front or Rear Wheel (When stored horizontally)
  • Trainer raiser block – Keeps the wheel in place, stabilizing the bike
  • No mounting or drilling - Ready to use
  • Free-standing base has suction cups that prevent sliding
  • Link together - Fix and connect 2 bike stands to each other (optional)
  • No moving parts, no rust
  • For bikes with 12"-29" wheels up to 2 1/2" wide.
  • Sie: 16" H x 17.25" W x 18.5" D - 5 lbs

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