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Closca Fuga - Collapsible Bike Helmet

Closca Fuga - Collapsible Bike Helmet

Closca Fuga - Collapsible Bike Helmet

The problem with bicycle helmets is that not only do they look like goofy bicycle helmets, they also take up too much space when stored and are a pain to carry around when not riding. The solution is the cool new Closca Fuga - Collapsible Bike Helmet. This sleek and innovative bike helmet safely protects your head while cycling, looks quite stylish while doing it, and then collapses down more than 50% to easily fit inside a backpack, briefcase, or handbag. It features hidden air vents for ventilation, interchangeable visors to change up your look, rear adjustment for a great fit, double safety certified in the USA and EU, and stays locked while on your head. Sure you'll still look like an idiot flipping over the handlebars, but at least you'll look a bit cooler doing it and your noggin will have a high level of protection from the pavement.

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  • Bicycle helmet gives the highest level of protection while worn and it can fit in any backpack while folded
  • Comprised of mobile rings that allow it to be folded flat reducing its volume and making it easy to transport and store
  • Safety-certified and can fit into a handbag, briefcase or backpack
  • Stays locked while on your head, keeping you secure
  • Stylish - therefore offering a more fashion conscious cyclist choice
  • Volume is reduced to more than 50% when folded, fits any bag
  • Materials: reinforced fiberglass, engineered plastic components
  • Collapsible helmet and lightweight and only 290 grams
  • Safe: CSPC (US & Canada) and EN1078 (Europe & Asia) certified
  • Rear adjustment system for added comfort
  • Interchangeable visors that can be combined with your daily looks
  • Subtle, hidden air vents help to protect against sunstroke

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