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Oakley Medusa Hat and Goggles

Oakley Medusa Hat and Goggles

Oakley Medusa Hat and Goggles

Greek mythology taught us that by simply looking at Medusa, a monstrous woman with snakes for hair, would turn you to stone. Well, good luck taking your eyes off the ultimate in apocalyptic apparel, the Oakley Medusa Hat and Goggles.

The Oakley Medusa Hat is a diabolical leather skullcap with tie down leather dreadlocks, adjustable chin strap, detailed stitching and rivets for attaching the matching goggles. The Oakley Medusa Goggles are equally sinister and are part of the Oakley HDO® (High Definition Optics) line that combines patented optics and Plutonite® lens material to provide 100% UV light filtering and unsurpassed impact protection. The lens are additionally coated in black Iridium® for precisely tuned light transmission.

Unless you're Mad Max, this isn't something you would wear on a sunny day while driving down the interstate, but it would be cool to wear while tearing down the street on a powerful chopper, screaming and swinging a spiked baseball bat around or in a futuristic battle against killer cyborgs or something. Awesome design.

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