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Ewok-Inspired Hooded Scarf / Cowl

Ewok-Inspired Hooded Scarf / Cowl

Ewok-Inspired Hooded Scarf / Cowl

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If you love those furry and ferocious intergalactic teddy bears from Return of the Jedi, but hate the cold, then slip on this cool new yet quite 1983ish Ewok-Inspired Hooded Scarf. This fun handmade hooded scarf is inspired by the iconic cowls worn by the Ewoks and even comes completes with faux furry ears on top to complete the look. It's the perfect headwear to wear when camping on the Forest Moon of Endor, hunting Wampa on the ice planet Hoth, or just looking extra stylish while shoveling snow all the way back here on Earth. Available in Pumpkin or Brown colors. Yub Nub!

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