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Joseph Joseph Titan - Compacting Garbage Can

Joseph Joseph Titan - Compacting Garbage Can

Joseph Joseph Titan - Compacting Garbage Can

This cool new Joseph Joseph Titan is a sleek stainless steel garbage can with a built-in manual trash compactor that crushes its contents down to 1/3 its size, allowing you to use less bags and make less trips to the curb. Once the trash reaches the top, step on the foot pedal for hands-free opening, lift the handle to the compactor mechanism, and press down. The compactor never actually touches the nasty garbage since it uses the bag liner to shield itself and it has an anti-tear design to prevent stretching or pinching the bag. It holds up to 8 gallons in size initially, but holds up to 24 gallons after compacting (3X) and also features a fingerprint-resistant finish, a replaceable odor filter in the lid, and is compatible with standard plastic liners. The only downside is a heavier bag of trash. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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  • This innovative trash compactor holds up to three times more waste than a similar-sized waste bin
  • It doesn't need to be emptied as often and uses less bin liners
  • Empty trash 3 times less often
  • Reduce trash volume by 66% after compaction
  • 8 gallons (30L) in size, 24 gallons (90L) in capacity when compacted
  • Hygienic and mess free - Only the inside of the trash bag touches the trash while compacting
  • Compacting leaves you with clean hands and a clean trash can
  • Won't tear your liners - anti-tear design won't stretch or pinch the liner
  • Compatible with standard plastic liners but extra-strong IW4 custom-fit liners are also available for added peace of mind
  • Replaceable odor filter
  • Size Small: 5 Gallon / 20 Liter
  • Size Large: 8 Gallon / 30 Liter

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