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Lid-L-Buddy - Touch-Free Trash Lid Opener for Garbage Cans and Dumpsters

Lid-L-Buddy - Touch-Free Trash Lid Opener for Garbage Cans and Dumpsters

If you weren't a total germaphobe before this terrifying pandemic, you probably are now. So don't take any chances with viruses, bacteria, germs, or any other microscopic invisible nightmares that happen to be lingering around on things. For example, the filthy, nasty, and disgusting lids on trash cans, recycling bins, and dumpsters that come into contact with garbage truck hoppers filled with contaminated trash from other homes. Yes, your trash is suspect too. The alternative to lifting those unsanitary lids with your hands is to use this cool new Lid-L-Buddy instead.

This convenient touch-free lid lifting tool provides a barrier between your hands and the garbage can or dumpster lid for a little extra peace-of-mind when tossing things out (wash your hands after anyways), plus it can also be used to keep the lid propped open when you'll be using it frequently or just to to air the cans out when they get funky. Now if you happen to see a dumpster smoking from within, don't use this handy handle to look inside. Just let that dumpster fire burn. Check out this VIDEO to see it in action... and then go wash your hands again. 🧼

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