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Ultimate Automatic Touchless Talking Trash Compactor

Ultimate Automatic Touchless Talking Trash Compactor

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You don't really see many trash compactors in the home anymore. It's too bad, because crushing your trash down into a small cube is not only fun and satisfying, it also reduces waste in the landfill. Well, if you're serious about hardcore trash compacting and have seven grand to blow, you should check out the cool new Ultimate Trash Compactor.

The Fox Wastepack Systems Model 1600 is a professional automatic touchless trash compactor that quickly and easily reduces garbage down to 15% of its original size. It's a commercial grade waste system meant more for fast food restaurants, food courts, schools, company cafeterias and more, but it would be incredibly useful in the home as well. Just walk by and the built-in motion sensors automatically opens the waste deposit door for sanitary, hands-free use and then it actually thanks you! That's right, this incredible high-tech garbage can talks too. When it's full, it locks its door and tells you to wait patiently as it compacts the trash. Cube removal is easy, just slide it out on the included dolly with pop-up handle and casters.

It may be complete utter overkill, but it's definitely the ultimate friendly trash compactor around. Check out the video in the video section to see it in action!

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