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iRobot Looj - Gutter Cleaning Robot (w/ Video)

iRobot Looj - Gutter Cleaning Robot (w/ Video)

iRobot Looj - Gutter Cleaning Robot (w/ Video)

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It's fall, the leaves are, well, falling and the gutters are filling up. Cleaning gutters can be a really frustrating and dirty chore and if you happen to fall off the roof, extremely deadly. Well, the fine folks over at iRobot who have made our lives easier and much more fun with the awesome robot vacuum Roomba, the floor-washing robot Scooba and the pool-cleaning robot Verro, now have a cool new robot servant that cleans out your gutters!

Although you still have to climb up the ladder to the roof, once up there, simply drop an iRobot Looj into a gutter. This cool wireless remote control robot gutter cleaner propels itself down the length of gutter under the gutter brackets and straps and over the downspout holes, cleaning up to 75 feet in mere minutes. It has a powerful 3 stage, high-velocity 500 RPM auger that breaks up clogs, flings out leaves, cleans out pine needles and other wet or dry debris and finally brushes the gutters clean. With the remote control you can move the Looj forward and backward or reverse the auger's direction if needed. It's very simple to use and carrying it up there is easy too. It attaches to an included belt clip, so your hands are free to climb.

Hopefully, iRobot's next chore eliminating robot is a window cleaning robot, a dog-walking robot or a grass cutting robot.

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