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Giant Dinosaur Foot Waste Basket

Giant Dinosaur Foot Waste Basket

Giant Dinosaur Foot Waste Basket

No matter whether you love dinosaurs, the Jurassic Park / World flicks, fire-breathing dragons, or even exotic taxidermy, then you'll love tossing stuff away into this cool new Dinosaur Foot Waste Basket. This massive sculpture of a Tyrannosaurus Rex or possibly even a dragon foot has an opening on top with a removable bucket allowing it to be used as a waste basket, an umbrella or cane holder (esp. a cane with a prehistoric mosquito encased in amber on top), an epic planter for growing plants or flowers in, or anything you wish. Each dino foot is hand-crafted and hand-finished by theme prop artist Richard Riley and makes a perfect addition to your office, home theater, man cave, home bar, or even your own dinosaur theme park if you so happen to have one.

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