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Majestic Copper Deer Statue

Majestic Copper Deer Statue

Majestic Copper Deer Statue

Complete your outdoor holiday decor with a satisfying look of approval from this cool new Majestic Copper Deer Statue. This festive deer statue proudly stands ready to lead the herd with its antlered head looking up and chest puffed out and is perfect for placing outdoors or even indoors as well. While it's not actually made from solid copper, it is sculpted from durable, high quality copper penny-colored resin. There is also a matching sitting buck available.

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  • Holiday season deer statue
  • Gleaming "copper-penny" color in durable 100% resin
  • Stands proudly to lead the herd
  • Pretty by the Christmas tree, or for the porch, entryway, patio, or lawn
  • 360-degree sculpting for a beautiful look from any angle
  • Indoor / outdoor decorative use
  • Size: 18"L x 7.75" W x 30.25" H - 12 lbs

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